2017 Dracarys hoodie

I succeeded in not saying “dracarys” to the woman wearing a dragon hoodie at Salumeria. Leaving werk, I find out the Mexican janitor at my werkplace is a more hardcore fan of Dragon Ball Z than me. He showed me a tattoo of Shenron the dragon on his leg when he saw my dbz training Dracarys hoodie. Hella Sick lol Never judge a book by its cover. This Esqueleto is something. I’m seriously going to order me one of those Dracarys hoodies. I can’t stop staring at them and wanting one! Besides it does kinda match my personality.

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Dracarys shirt (Game of Thrones season 7)
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As a kid, when I was like 5 or 6. I was obsessed with animals. Mainly insects/ bugs. I would Catch Em and throw em in the spider web and watch it get web wrapped. Mostly bugs that I didn’t like like flies and bees. Cuz i found it annoying how it alway buzz in my ears all fricken all the time. I couldn’t help but to think I was the only person this happened to this Dracarys hoodies.

2017 Dracarys hoodie
2017 Dracarys hoodie

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