5’2 But My Attitude 6’1 shirt

5’2 But My Attitude 6’1 Ladies tee

There should be a mandatory retirement age of for members of Congress. Those jobs are important and we need mentally competent people representing the American people. How do these people win elections. I always assumed Senators were smart people, but listening to this nonsense clearly shows they are a 5’2 But My Attitude 6’1 shirt bunch of morons. Don’t be confident a red wave is coming. We have to vote in record numbers. Look at how many socialist are unseating liberal Dems. We vote or America is dead. Blumenthal is acting in a huge jerky way. I can not believe anyone would vote for this guy to be in the Senate. They must have not known what his temperament was. She does all the talking. Is it a monologue or does she really want to hear what the Judge has to say? When he does talk she interrupts him.

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