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Sean Slawson I saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra and almost left at intermission. Second half was much better but the first half was miserable to be a part of. Queen. Just see for yourself. Freddy Mercury was a genius. Every gesture to regulate or extend the lighting, for example. For me this band even Hard Rock Cafe Deathstar Tee Pink Floyd. Jonah Hart Maiden are better live than Metallica. I’ve seen both multiple times. Metallica are great live, but Maiden are a notch above… Saw Lamb Of God with Slayer a couple weeks ago. Honestly, when Lamb was done, i couldn’t have cared any less about anything Slayer did. Lamb owned it. I felt the exact same way until Slayer came out and annihilated Lamb of Gods act. And I’m a huge Lamb of God fan, I went there for them, mainly. Adrian Will I was bored to tears and left halfway thru Slayer’s set. Tom can’t hit the highs anymore. They all just stood there. Even the pyrotechnics were dull. God Hates Us All was basically just spoken word. Andrew Staich since when has Tom hit highs?? The scream at the beginning of Angel of Death?


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Been listening to Slayer since the 80’s and can’t say I recall Tom belting out high notes. And the pyrotechnics were dull??? I guess 30ft flames pulsing to the beat aren’t impressive to you. We’re all entitled to our opinions, but I don’t think you’ll find many people that agree with yours. Lamb of God is amazing live though. I’ll agree with that. Joshua Henry Apparently you don’t know what a high note is lmfaooooo. They’ve been a staple since.. ever. Regardless, his vocals suck now. And that’s fine, i couldn’t care any less who agrees or not. You have to be a really sad individual to want people to agree with you. But yes, as far as pyrotechnics go, I’ve seen way better. Theirs were boring. Get out with the passive aggressive garbage.  I was the same when I saw em them in the summer. Lamb of god and anthrax did so good I kinda forgot about slayer and they weren’t that good anyways. I saw Black Sabbath with Ozzy twice, Judas Priest twice, Saxon once, Deep Purple once, Iron Maiden once, Ozzy once and Ghost once. All of them were awesome. Horrible band too much stage fire zero music

Iron Maiden has everything in the package Bruce Dickinson alone > rainstaine or whatever is called. I’ve seen Metallica 9 Hard Rock Cafe Deathstar Tee, beginning in the 80’s.

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