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It’s almost like people say stuff just to say stuff with no actual knowledge about the changes made at this Stay Humble Fitzmagic Tank Top. I don’t think he’s ever played on a team with this kind of talent around him. Not many in the NFL have. Maybe he won’t falter because of that. Every QB has a few bad games,but he might be just fine with this talent around him.  If the Bucs choose Winston over Ryan and hisFitzMagic……. BuhBye……. All my home state NFL Florida teams have 2-0 records……. I’m beyond excited with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center and the coach should let him continue the job…….. Jason Schwenk No, he had zero protection. The players were there, but the offensive line was absolutely horrible. They upgraded the line in the off season. He never got to really use the talent around. Jason Schwenk also OJ Howard, Chris Godwin were rookies, and Jackson was in his first season in Tampa. They are all in their second season in Tampa and that is a huge difference. Last year we had no spirit once Jameis went down, plus our defense was awful. This year it’s an entirely different atmosphere in Tampa, plus it doesn’t matter who is throwing the ball, our wrs are too good and will catch anything that comes their way. As a fan of a team that has had Fitzpatrick at the helm, we cant help but think of the inevitable instability that comes with him over time.


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For every time he plays out of his mind, he hits the same opposite polar lows. For his 4+ TD games he has more 4+ INT games I’m willing to bet. Just a gunslinger without the cannon like Favre, but with lower lows obviously. He’d be a HoF if he played his whole career like he has the last 2 weeks haha you know? Winston will be coming back at some point, history has shown Fitz can man the helm adequately for some time, but it never fails that he comes back to Earth and is picked apart. As a Titans fan his play at times even got me on his side haha good luck! The biggest difference between the Bucs and other teams he has been on, is the Bucs have 3 Quarterbacks on the roster that can play. Bryan Santana, the difference between Fitz and Winston is Fitz isn’t in constant legal trouble…… Winston is…….. Fitz should continue playing ……. I am also interested in how Fitz does come MNF against the Steelers……. It doesn’t matter who is throwing the Stay Humble Fitzmagic Tank Top, the buccaneers wrs are so good they will catch anything that comes at them.

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