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I still say blatheringblathersykes. Sadly no one knows what it means but I bet Gyzmoduck knows!!! Jimmy just remember that I’ll never leave your show for you because you’re the one that I choose to be a Who The Fuck Is Mr Disco Tee to that’s why I’m staying forever. My 5 year old has been watching Ducktales recently and I can’t listen to the actual theme song because this beautifully majestic man ruined it for me! Kadie Graham Had no idea. The last time I saw it was when my daughter was very little… quite a few years ago. Thanks for letting me know!  It’s back but in my opinion the animation just looks sloppy. You would think modern technology would allow for massively improved graphics but instead it’s severely lacking in detail compared to the old cartoon. If you like the idea of watching a preschool/kindergarten version of an old classic then this is for you. If you don’t want your memories of a classic cartoon permanently tarnished, I would recommend skipping this and finding the original online like I did.


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My 10 and 12 year old kids have seen over half the original series of this and can’t stand the new one. That goes for every artist I listen to. I do enjoy this one tho it’s catchy. But I dont think he made this album for teeny boppers lol I think it’s just to show the variety he can do. I didn’t say I hate itor anything, I am just pointing out that this newest album loses who they were as a band. The more music you make when you get super popular the more outside influence you have, and the harder it becomes to be genuine. They are trying to be a popular sound, instead of a unique one. This is the first album I’ve heard from them and thought, I’ve heard this all before. I felt like I was listening to a popular radio station, not always new and different panic! Teens only?

It also seems incredibly dumbed down compared to the original (most cartoons are nowadays though), most likely because it is targeted to a much younger audience. I watched the first 3 episodes before pretty much writing it off. I can’t watch it and not feel a little stupider each Who The Fuck Is Mr Disco Tee, though admittedly, I’m biased having seen the original as a child.   I’m 29 and I still listen. I grew up with him.

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