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Our alliance first & foremost is to US citizens then our loyal allies like Israel & we do not align with terrorists esp in the middle east or the UNEvan miles are you fine with Abbas paying terrorists for a lifetime after committing murder against innocent Jews in Israel? Is that the Baby Deadpool hug Venom shirt your talking about. No regard for human life….as opposed to the Democratic party that celebrates killing innocent babies but then cry over innocent children who were drug across the border illegally by their parents.

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I’m pretty sure Trump has less empathy and compassion than just about anyone. Evan, you couldn’t be more misinformed. Haley has done more in her tenure at the UN to advance the cause of human rights around the Baby Deadpool hug Venom shirt globe than any other ambassador! Evan Miles how so? What specific action or policy do you see as evil away troll. Do you get paid by the number of posts or the number of dislikes

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