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I will gladly give some of my tax dollars for the wallSean Hodges I don’t care who pays for it, it needs to be built. Nothing gets done without securing the Bald Headed Hoe Shit T-shirt border first. His new trade deal will more than pay for it. You got to learn to see the  thing for other anglesSean Hodges, we’ll just divert foreign aid that was allocated for Mexico and use it for the wall. Mexico will pay.

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I believe Trump has a plan for that but just in case it doesn’t work out, I will say that I don’t mind my taxes going to the Bald Headed Hoe Shit T-shirt wall instead of planned parenthoodDonna Cox Crosby I’m not quite sure what your rude remark means. But Again: Mexico will not sign, nor will Canada, until steel sanctions are lifted they will when it is built. More than enough saved from not having to support illegals. They will have to do the supporting. Ian Hodges, you clearly don’t understand how money works. Take a look at the new trade deals going on. They’re gonna pay for it in one way shape or form

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