Best Freakin’ aunt ever Auntie hoodie

Best Freakin’ aunt ever Auntie hoodie

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Best Freakin' aunt ever Auntie hoodie

I do not like to tell people what to eat, drink, live. I only look at myself and live the way I believe is Gods way. I do not judge people. The only one who can is God. So we should just leave it at that, you are entitled to believe whatever you want. However, it doesn’t exempt you public accomidations law, If he wanted to give a sermon and deny gays he should have had a Best Freakin’ aunt ever Auntie shirt sale. You do realize that most people don’t go into floral shops or bakeries & loudly announce their sexual preference, right. They put themselves out there, so because of that we are suppose to go against our religious beliefs. Go to another florist, photographer, or baker, or whatever if it goes against their Religious Belief which is also Protected.



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