Chameleoff Chameleon Hoodie and tee shirt

Nephew got a new chameleon shirt and loves to see our chameleons. My fiance got me this adorable toy, and I got him a tee shirt for Chameleoff Chameleon” chameleon” shirt, twas a very merry Christmas. This is Raider owner by Ann Conidaris, He was the inspiration for my veiled chameleon shirt. Could he be any more gorgeous. In today’s paper! The Times of United State Sunday supplement features our checked maxi skirt and chameleon shirt in their ‘Layering Hacks’ story.

Chameleoff Chameleon Hoodie other styles:

Chameleoff – Chameleon shirt and hoodie 2017

Chameleoff - Chameleon sweatshirt

Chameleoff - Chameleon ladies tee

Chameleoff - Chameleon guys v-neck tee

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