Chicken bandana headband Glass shirt

I took ten years off when I had my kids. My husband worked I stayed home and took care of my kids. We sacrificed and made it work because it was important for us to take care of our kids. My husband worked retail 65 hours a week. We were not rich but we made it work. Pregnancy and children are a choice you make it is not other people job to plan for your life. Who is suppose to pay for your parenting choices. This is not a socialist country. We are expected to be prepared and to take personal responsibility for our actions.the  Chicken bandana headband Glass shirt America needs to step it up Lester Phinney how dare you to expect people to take responsibility for their actions. Sawyer Peart, I just love it how men are chiming in on this subject when they are clueless to women’s issues especially maternity leave, you guys should just shut up and sit down.

Chicken bandana headband Glass shirt

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