Christmas Grinch my day Plant I’m booked shirt

I had a baby on Wednesday had to use vacation days and then back at work 1 week later c no one cares about women it sucks  Canadian and we respect Motherhood with a year of maternity leave. And the father can take parental leave also. And you say Making America Great Again no.  Why should companies have to pay for you to have a baby. If you can’t afford to take off, then you probably can’t afford to have a baby. terrible you should all move to Canada 17 weeks maternity leave and 35 weeks parental leave which can be taken by either parent. Most of average Americans Don’t even have investment so why does it matter if the stock market fails as long as the rest of the economy is in good shape, the Christmas Grinch my day Plant I’m booked shirt course, the GD coward and tyrant. Someone tell the SOB that his decisions have consequences. Suck on them.  He takes credit when the stock market goes up but when it goes down it’s someone else’s fault.

Christmas Grinch my day Plant I'm booked ladies shirt ​​​​​​​

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