Cool Basquiat Dinosaur Hoodie

Official Basquiat Dinosaur Shirt
Cool Basquiat Dinosaur Hoodie, shirt, v-neck tee and tank top

True to the summer of 2013, the Japanese brand’s Addiction brand collection has released several color palettes with three Basquiat paintings. Although the site does not fully explain the company’s collaboration or what promotes its founding, it’s trending.

Cool Basquiat Dinosaur Hoodie
Cool Basquiat Dinosaur Hoodie

It is Official Basquiat Dinosaur Shirt and hoodie. This shirt is designed to celebrate Jean-Michel Basquiat. He was an art star and died at the age of 28. This shirt shows his love for him. It is very strange that the cause of death is overdose of heroin. If you are one of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s fans, this t-shirt must belong to you. Click on the red button to buy the shirt. Do not forget to share it with your family and friends.
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