[Cutest] Stitch can someone else just do it shirt

Stitch can someone else just do it shirt

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Stitch can someone else just do it shirt, long sleeved, tank top

Stitch is a cute character, let’s buy this Stitch can someone else just do it shirt if you love him. And do you love nike? You know slogan “Just do it”, don’t you. The “Just Do It” campaign launched in 1988 was highly successful with the Age selecting the campaign as one of the top two taglines of the 20th century with it being both “universal and intensely personal”.  While Reebok was directing their campaign at aerobics during the fitness craze of the 1980s, Nike responded with “a tough, take no prisoners ad campaign”. One of the campaign’s objectives was to target all Americans regardless of age, gender or physical fitness level which led to Nike becoming worn as a fashion statement, not just as fitness gear. Nike’s fundamental objective was to represent sneakers as a fashion statement to consumers, especially females, teens and males aged 18–40.

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