Deadpool Deadlift shirt

Deadpool Deadlift shirt

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Deadpool Deadlift v-neck shirt

“First i love deadpool he’s one of marvel best comic book characters then, second i think the pool-o-vision really doesn’t affect the plot so, FAIL for you!!! he has the right to look the world in a different perspective, after all, we are talking about him right? Third you should read the 1997 series from issue #61 to #64 trust me it’ll help and that one is one of the best deaedpool series, it also explain a little bit more about his mental problem saying that it was caused by the Black swan so, read it it has 71 issues and is kinda cool much better than Way new story arcs. Any who if you still wonder what is it then you weren’t made for comics try reading manga i heard naruto and one piece are good Deadpool rocks and yeah you’ll probaly start trolling my reply but i don’t care, i’m 17 years old and i’ve read my cousin colleccion from 1993 to 2010 deadpool new series issue #28 so if you love deadpool stop complaining about the writter and go to the old comic books that’ll help”. Let’s buy this Deadpool Deadlift shirt if you are a big fan of Deadpool.

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