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oo bad he has to do all these rallies — he wouldn’t have to if the media would report honestly about his successes, take his words out of context and twist them—this is the Don’t California My Texas shirt only way he has to get the truth to people about how well the country is actually doing.Welcome to Omaha Mr. President. Sorry about the weather. It is been raining all day and yet you did not back off. Hope you have the great campaign. Love from OmahaHe even looks classy carrying an umbrella.

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I remember Obummer making Marines do that like they were his personal servants. There were thousands in line by the time I got there at 3:45. There was no way I was getting in the  Don’t California My Texas shirt building so decided to watch on TV. They need to find bigger venues went to the rally at and there we thousands of people in line. There was no way that I would have gotten in. They need bigger venuesBest President this country has had in a long long time had better be arrested and charged with intimidation of a public official, intent to murder, etc I called the school last night and left a message in addition to calling the  and they knew who I was referring to before I even said her name

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