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A 2003 interview with No Depression magazine, Haggard said, “I had different views in the ’70s. As a human being, I’ve learned [more]. I have more culture now. That’s being honest with you at the moment, and a lot of things that I said [then] I sing with a different intention now” I mean let’s be real does her political views really impact you When she’s older her views may change. As we grow as a personal life experience, etc influence who we are and what we believe in. I give her a high 5 for standing up for what she believes in. Why do we have to hate others for their different views, why the divide. They can’t answer now because families of victims have yet to be notified  What is wrong with you “press” people! Asking dumb questions the Easy Bake Coven shirt I hope they can determine how this could have happened that it can never happen again. My prayers to all the families. God be with all. Why have a presser when you’re not giving information to the public. Easy Bake Coven ladies shirt

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