Elephant faith hope love cancer shirt

Elephant faith hope love cancer shirtfor the past thirty years, suddenly becomes this close.ill be devastated if that happens in  Scott walker is the Elephant faith hope love cancer shirt I can sleep at night!Well, I see Bald er son is still ahead of him. So, what is this all about He should of lost by way more though! I live here and Republicans need to show up in droves in November!Uh oh here we go again get the crayons and the coloring books ready and don’t forget the  Elephant faith hope love cancer shirt did lose.Do not understand why anyone would vote Democratic since everyone knows what they will do when in office come on people  Ohio didn’t vote you in went to vote they said we aren’t in 12th district so we couldn’t vote I’m in Columbus moron so we couldn’t vote Terrible event planning to allow signs and cell phones to block the Elephant faith hope love cancer shirt.9 percentage points, or 1,754 votes, over Danny O’Connor with 100 percent of precincts fully reporting It’s sad it was that close. do any of you not like good economic growth? Why would you trade in or try to a Republican? Messed  Danny, I fielded numerous phone calls from your camp.now I see you don’t even know you will claim close race was a victory.BSElephant faith hope love cancer ladies shirt

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