Fisherman #1 Dad fishing daddy shirt

Fisherman #1 Dad fishing daddy shirt

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Fisherman #1 Dad fishing daddy shirt, long sleeved, tank top

Your dad love fishing, let’s buy this Fisherman #1 Dad fishing daddy shirt for him. “I learn a lot from go to fishing with my dad. “Men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after,” Henry Thoreau supposedly said. Sometime in the middle of my first morning, with the putt-putt of the motor echoing off the rocky shoreline, I understood what he meant. Ahead of us, in the overcast distance, bobbing on the water, I thought I saw the dark outline of a loon. As we got closer, the head grew larger, the wake wider. “Caribou,” Doug said, steering us toward the beige animal, whose large ears and dark muzzle protruded above the water as it tried to paddle away from our noisy approach. “We see one of them maybe every four or five years,” Doug said as we got close enough to touch it. He added, “That one there is Red Wine—that’s the name of that particular herd. There’re only about 20 left in this southern section of Labrador.” We circled the caribou, photographed it, then left it to its peaceful navigation. I had set out only to catch fish; by the time I returned to the dock for lunch with some incoming fellow fishermen, I had caught something else: wonder.”

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