[Funny] Baby Trump Crying Ballon London shirt

Baby Trump Crying Ballon London shirt

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Baby Trump Crying Ballon London shirt, long sleeved, tank top

Baby Trump Crying Ballon London shirt is a funny shirt that you should have. “An inflatable, baby version of President Donald Trump could be appearing over his golf course in Scotland this weekend. The balloon is already due to fly over Parliament in London on Friday to coincide with the president’s visit to the U.K., but now over 4,500 people have signed a petition calling for it to be flown near Turnberry, a Trump-owned golf course he plans to visit on Saturday. The people who started the campaign say that the balloon is a means to ensure that Trump “knows that all of Britain is looking down on him and laughing at him. The petition notes that local police will allow it provided that “pertinent parties” give proper authorization. The organizers have contacted the chief of police in Scotland, National Air Traffic Control, the Civil Aviation Authority, and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, and hope to use the petition to enable the various authorities to see that there is “clear and substantive public interest in it flying.”

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