Harley Quinn Jack Daniel’s shirt

If Harley Quinn Jack Daniel’s shirt really has removed her eyebrow hair then she has plenty of money to have them semi permanently tattooed so no harm done lol. Let’s hope it doesn’t become a trend and everyone goes round looking permanently surprised haha I stood defiant when my dance teacher at college told me to ‘seriously consider working on my brows’ because I had heavier, darker brows than my peers.
Buy it: https://thecamelliagarden.com/t-shirt/harley-quinn-jack-daniels-shirt

The eyebrows are bad but it’s nice to see my gardening gloves are coming into fashion. As someone that lived through the Harley Quinn Jack Daniel’s shirt with their eyebrows intact, please heed my advice, you will never look this good without eyebrows. Nature has endowed human with beauty,and we are vigorously intercepting and enhancing ugliness in our body.

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