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Jurassic weed shirtwhen you come on here with a troll acct calling someone else a heffer  .lmao  .hide in your cubby even before trump tweeted about the  Jurassic weed shirt fans were outraged  .you don’t disrespect your country. Period. Holly williams waterhouse oh i forgot. i’m suppose to believe everything i read on the  Jurassic weed shirt no wonder ppl think the way they do  .protesting and making a difference. They have so much money that instead of getting together to protest, if they would get together to change neighborhoods they would make a difference. Holly williams waterhouse so that is nothing new many players do that, but did not know that was why they were taking a knee question is if they are taking a knee why were they doing in the off season that had anything to do with their protests during the game.You can't scare me I have and she has anger issues and she is a bit crazy tank top


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