Lebron James Wtf JR shirt tank top

Lebron James Wtf JR shirt tank top

Buy it: Lebron James Wtf JR shirt tank top

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Lebron James Wtf JR tank top

Did you watch game one final NBA champion? Let’s buy this Lebron James Wtf JR shirt, it’s a funny shirt that you should have. “A few days after J.R. Smith’s boneheaded play to end regulation in Game 1, leading to an eventual Cavaliers loss in overtime, video surfaced of the Cavaliers on the bench. The footage was striking, as LeBron James sat away from Smith and didn’t offer up any words of encouragement. James, who’s known for picking up his teammates, instead bemoaned the fact that the Cavaliers had a timeout that could have at least gotten them a chance for a shot — and gotten the ball out of Smith’s hands.”

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