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Mark Goode – I wasn’t referring to the deal that just got signed… I was replying to Daniel’s comment the Make lies wrong again shirt Mexico was already exporting less, when in fact, they are exporting more and have been almost a year. Maybe you need to stop and read We can use Obamacare to pay for it. MS-13 can be deemed a health hazard to Americans and the cure is a wall.Make lies wrong again ladies tee


That’s what Democrats tried to do with guns The Make lies wrong again shirt democrats wouldn’t back any process to pay for a wall. He worked out a new NAFTA program so give Trump time and back up our president he has done more than any else seen Hodges I do not care if we have to pay for the wall. If they were to sell each brick for $100, I would only have 1 question. Where do I send the check?
Build the wall. Oh, Mexico is gonna pay for it with the new USMCA. The trade deficit with Mexico is over $60B a year. All that’s about to change. The left Dems wants open borders, more ms 13 drugs, child prostitution , human trafficking, lowlifes

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