My patronus is an Eeyore shirt

I don’t spank my kid anymore at 12 but I was spanked as a kid and I’m a well adjusted, non mass shooting. If she ever marries and has this kind of an attitude, hubby may have to get a little on the side because she’s out in lala land somewhere. If she ever does she may be the mother of Charles Manson or the Axe Murderer.
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I can think of kids who have never been spanked and they were terrible children and still are. And because acts of violence, by their very nature, tend to escalate as they are indulged, there is no safe way to hit a childWe don’t hit strangers, but we say it’s ok to hit our kids. Many spankers are habituated to the My patronus is an Eeyore shirt because it provides them with an instant outlet for their feelings of frustration and anger not because they’ve found it an effective way to improve a child’s behavior.

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