Native American Owl Dreamcatcher shirt

I’m not really seeing your point  When that happens we will not be able to send aid or help anyone. Over 50 of our Border Patrol Agents are Hispanic but that doesn’t stop the Democrats from calling them Racist Nazis. Go figure. Linda Napgezek Ever tries searching anything on your computer to see if you can form your own opinion.No chain migration, no sloppy seconds with visas, no anchor babies, no illegals crossing the borders, no exceptions, build the wall. I don’t mess with Facebook much so I was kind of shocked that the only time I had any problem with it, was when they figure it out that I supported Supreme Court, Justice Kavanaugh. the Native American Owl Dreamcatcher shirt And everybody else I don’t know or even barely know that are conservatives, their account got messed up. Native American Owl Dreamcatcher sweater

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