Nurse Pumpkin shirt

Nurse Pumpkin Sweater

The most famous anonymous source of all time was the one used by Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein to help them uncover the Watergate scandal in the Nixon administration means lies and. Times is fake news for using anonymous on a daily basis never in history have they done this. It’s really funny that the Nurse Pumpkin shirt troll patrol seems to double when the leftists need to deflect from things like the childish behavior at the judge Kavanaugh hearings by the paid protestor. The judge will be approved the left can’t stop it and the midterms will not go as the trolls predict giving Trump a supermajority. Thanks, guy keep it up you’re only making sure conservatives will show up to vote just like. I have to ask, is that article that he read, would that be considered fake news. Or when the article praises him it’s real news and when they bash him it’s fake news.

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