Phenomenal woman Hoodie tee (official version)

Guess what? We are teaming up with phenomenal women everywhere this Valentine’s Day to help build our loving and powerful community of women with incarcerated loved ones to fight mass incarceration. Buy this “Phenomenal Woman” t-shirt to support Essie Justice Group and six other incredible organizations defending and advancing women’s rights. Get yours here:

Phenomenal woman Hoodie tee (official version)
Phenomenal woman Hoodie tee (official version)

Phenomenal woman Hoodie:

Phenomenal woman, that’s me. And you. And all of us. Now’s your chance to make a fashion statement, be inspired by the words of the great Maya Angelou, and support the work of Planned Parenthood and other fearless organizations working for women’s rights.

Phenomenal Woman Shirt
Buy it: Phenomenal Woman Shirt

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