Rick and Morty Adidas shirt

Rick and Morty Adidas shirt

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Rick and Morty Adidas shirt, long sleeved, tank top

Rick and Morty Adidas shirt is a nice shirt that you should have one. Do you like watch Rick and Morty? It’s the funniest cartoon ever. You know why it becom popular? “Cartoons are for kids?” I bloody hope not, because I would not want my child to watch this. Sometimes I doubt I’m mature enough to watch it, and I’m 27. From the meaning of existence, to multiple timelines, to universes within universes, to murdering alien versions of their family, to parallel universes featuring other Rick and Mortys, no episode has a simple story. They all make you want to crawl into a ball of existential crisis and ponder what your life is really all about.But, y’know, in the most LOL way ever.”

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