Stitch and Toothless Less shirt

I know you love Disney I see all your post hehe so this made me think of you wow I don’t even need to come to Nashville to see your apartment now, all the Stitch and Toothless Less shirt pics are right here! I can’t remember which one of you was obsessed with Stitch, but this reminds me of our trips to Disney! I don’t personally know you but I’ve been seeing your post showing that you love these. I remember you gave me one a long time ago before you left I think it was. I still have it I think at my mom’s house

Buy It: Stitch and Toothless Less shirt from moteefe

Stitch and Toothless Less shirt, sweater, hoodie, and t-shirt

Unisex Sweatshirt front

Unisex Sweatshirt

I know you already tagged me in this before. But I guess we really nailed our Halloween costume fairly confident we’ve tagged each other in this before but just a reminder that we are in fact both stitch totally you except for the Stitch and Toothless Less shirt moody overdramatic and always having a go at someone you aren’t always moody

Stitch and Toothless Less shirt, sweater, hoodie, and t-shirt

Unisex Hoodie front


no wonder I love Stitch so much… he must remind me of you today is tag you in everything day. This is pig the Stitch and Toothless Less shirt except for sleep but it’s a lie because real stitch doesn’t actually love to sleep either miss you coming into my room when I’m hungover dragging me out & calling me Stitch

Women's T-shirt front

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