Super John Wick shirt

Super John Wick shirt

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Super John Wick shirt, long sleeved, tank top

You’re a huge fan of John Wick, let’s buy this Super John Wick shirt ,it’s a cute shirt that you should have. John Wick is a great character. John Wick went dark after love made him retire from the career of a hitman, helping the Russian Mafia rise to power in exchange for a quiet exit from the criminal life to tend to his dying wife. When his wife passed away, she left him with a dog as a way to help him grieve. When the son of the Mafia’s leader took away the only link left to the life that he left behind during a reckless car theft, Wick in turn eliminated every last member of the criminal syndicate, including the man who granted him his freedom. Since then he has appeared in Washington to continue his criminal trade and to remind D.C. of one of the most feared hitmen in the criminal underworld.


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