Trumpkin make halloween great again shirt

Blair ruined this Trumpkin make halloween great again shirt by introducing mass immigration for votes and caused 100,000s of deaths and 1,000,000s of refugees through his warmongering. The pig may find the truffles yesterdays man will never find any credibility again. That man should be doing hard time somewhere, rotting in a cell with no natural light, and a rather large gay middle eastern cell mate who lost his lover to the war in Iraq.
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I’ll bet Blairites everywhere would welcome a return to the Trumpkin make halloween great again shirt when Labour was basically Tory liteThe Labou Party is being taken back it was Blair and his ilke that sytole the party and turned it in the Bankers Party. He’s worthless to the labour party and what it actually stands for nowBreaking News! Left wing party led by left wing policies and supporters!

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