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Charlie Hatfield right that’s why he gave up billionaire status life where most everyone liked him to become the President the Voorhees team STIHL shirt hardest most time-consuming job and be ridiculed every day all while donating his salary to different charities….but yeah he doesn’t care about anyone but himself even Miles Just the opposite, Trump is making good on every campaign promise he made and they all benefit Americans tremendously. He heard our plea and he’s making America great again.

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Or are you saying he doesn’t care for illegal immigrants, Muslims, or other dead weight on our society good luck with that? Whoever trump picks Ford will pop up saying they tried to squeeze her boob in the Voorhees team STIHL shirt  She is amazing and was doing her job. When you do your job, do you put others first, or do your job to the best of your ability Trump Administration is the first to call out this Corrupt, Disgusting, Hypocritical swamp called the UN..To their faces. I am so proud of them and her

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